Soccer speaks Spanish

EDC presents a unique experience to develop your soccer skills while being culturally and linguistically immersed in Spain. The aim of our program is to use athletics, in particular soccer, as a tool to develop, not only skills, but values as well. Spain is home to one of the best soccer leagues in the world, Laliga, and Spanish is currently the world’s third most spoken language. EDC wants to combine these factors and make them accessible to the youth soccer players of the world.

How do sports and cultural experiences contribute to the development of our youth? These experiences carry important emotional and passionate capacities that have been linked to the acquisition of certain values and habits, in particular, the knowledge of other cultures and languages. This is a soccer program ran by former professional soccer players and current coaches which offers the opportunity to learn Spanish, all located in our headquarters, Valladolid. Along with visits to some of Spain’s most emblematic cities, Segovia, Avila, Salamanca, and of course the capital of Spain, Madrid.

EDC has signed an agreement with FES, Eusebio Sacristán Foundation. Its former professional soccer players will be the EDC trainers and run its programs. They will be responsible for the soccer and athletic training of our young participants.

Our team

We train in the best sports facilities in Valladolid. Located in the capital itself and within a radius of 3 miles from the city. Artificial turf soccer fields equipped with locker rooms and everything else necessary.


Valladolid as a city, and Castile and Leon as a region, make up an exceptional, world-renowned setting for total linguistic and cultural immersion. Enjoy traditions and art, reflecting centuries of history.

A great cultural experience

20 hours of Spanish and 20 soccer

2 weeks plan

30 hours of Spanish and 30 soccer

3 weeks plan

40 hours of Spanish and 40 soccer

4 weeks plan

School year, 10 months

EDC School year

The Eusebio Sacristán Foundation for 12 years for more than 20,000 people every year, access to sport, education and culture


Do you imagine a big artificial rock at the city center that simulates the nature in such a way that it will seem to you that you are there? It exists in Palencia.

The Rock